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Transformation Consultation Services for UpCapita

INT. collaborated with UpCapita to develop a Flutter-based mobile app connecting users with expert advisors for paid consultations. This innovative solution increased UpCapita's client base, boosted revenue per transaction, and delivered a seamless user experience, exemplifying the transformative power of technology in the consulting service industry.


Empowering Chqbook's Growth with Flutter Integration

INT. empowered Chqbook, India's Neobank, with Flutter integration, enabling rapid feature development within their existing mobile app. This streamlined user experience enhancements and faster feature deployment, resulting in increased revenue, a competitive edge, and online current account opening, broadening Chqbook's customer base and revenue streams.


Culinary Meets Technology - The Chef33 Flutter Case

INT. partnered with Chef33 to develop a Flutter-based mobile app, bridging home chefs and customers. This solution facilitated chef registration, scheduling, and food ordering, generating revenue for Chef33 as an aggregator. Home chefs gained a new income channel, empowering communities and combating hunger through culinary entrepreneurship.



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